They’re okay. 

Between exhaustion and stresses of life it is sometimes hard to take a little look around you and see your children in all their perfection. 

We are so busy being exhausted and so busy being stressed sometimes there is no time to see passed being a mother and them as a  child.

Time is filled with making sure they’re fed, making sure they’re sleeping, making sure they hit those developmental milestones. 

Time is filled protecting their knees from bruises, heads from bumps, and hearts from bullies. 

Time is spent worrying. Worrying and worrying and worrying. Anxiety provoking type worry.

If he doesn’t sleep, will his brain grow?

Does she not sit because something is really wrong?

He doesn’t play with anyone? Is that normal? 

She doesn’t eat, is this right?

He isn’t talking yet, is everything okay? 

All of it just swims in our head, day after day.

We look for answers high and low. Search all the possibilities. But you know what? They’re okay.

While we are worrying, they’re eating

While we worry, they’re playing. 

While we worry, they’ve fallen asleep. 

While we worry, they count to 10 

And they’re okay. 

They are smarter than we know. Stronger than we know. Happier than we know. Healthier than we know. And they’re okay. 

We did okay. We are doing great actually. We are doing so much that we are so exhausted in making sure they’re okay. But they are okay. I promise. 

Don’t worry about all the worry. Don’t worry about the shoulds, don’t worry about if this is right or this is wrong. They’re okay. 

Take away the worry, and you’ll see the child who talks gibberish understands more than you know. They use their brain and their little hearts to understand this world. 

He knows you worry and wish you wouldn’t, he knows mumma is his hero and will always be by his side. And he’s okay. 

He sees you as beautiful, and strong and know like a lioness you’ll always protect him… he knows when he’s scared he can cling to you and you’ll protect him. Fiercely.

and no matter what, even when you don’t feel like you are, you make everything more than okay. 

This was a scene my little man left behind while we he was playing before nap time. He understands so much with his little heart and mind. He just showed me so much more. He is really a okay! I LOVE you so much little man. You make mummy cry while she writes this on the toilet, and this time it’s happy tears! 



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