So I took a pregnancy test 

So I took another pregnancy test.
In fact every month I take a pregnancy test. After being surprised with a positive result once… I am now addicted to peeing on that stick every month. Even though I am so careful, I still need that little reassurance of one single pink line. 

Friends even come to me and ask what the what is the best pregnancy test to take, because I have become a test expert. I even manage to not pee on my hand (although some offer cups… but still. I’m lazy! ?)

I am always worried that if I don’t check, I’ll be one of those stories of  “I didn’t know I was pregnant

Every month that I do a pregnancy test, there are always a series of emotions. The positive always starts first; oh wow! Imagine it’s positive? It would be kinda nice to be pregnant again. Eat as much as I want and always have an excuse to be bloated. Feel those little tiny kicks… hear it’s little heartbeat. Meet another little human again. Making my family a family of five ….Wow a family of five…three kids ?

I start googling three under three, how to Survive it 

Three under three…. (then the negatives come)

Three?! Where would I put the third one? I am just learning to live with two, I don’t think I could do three? Could I?? No. no. No baby.

All these thoughts consume me while I’m waiting patiently for those lines to come up.  

And there it was, just one line.

 I felt a sense of relief, and a tiny little bit of sadness. 

I think number three is hovering around… but not for a few years yet. 

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  1. Aimee-lee Galbreath

    I cried. This is me all over. I don’t want to have another but every period i feel gutted. I have 2. Thats enough. But I will always have what ifs. I had 3 miscarriages and an eptopic before my oldest. I just Facebook announced as soon as i knew. Was so excited. Did the same with my second

    • The Mum on the Run

      I’m so sorry for your loses. Every month is bittersweet.
      And same… everyone was quick to announce it for me so I learned by the second to just tell everyone

  2. Lauren Laing

    I was the same, constantly taking that test just to be sure… Coz the thought of three under three scared the #$@! Out of me. Always that one line! Til the time I thought oh I didn’t do one last week, I best now just to be sure…. Then those two big lines come up. I couldn’t stop staring in disbelief I started feeling like it was staring at me!! I went and got another 3 test to be sure….. Just to stare at two big lines on all other three!!! I then proceeded to all obvious steps and told my doctor ” I don’t know how I’m going to tell my family” I had a two year old and an 16 month old at the time. So my doctor suggested, I call my family, so excited for the adventures that will begin in mine and my husbands lives! I attempted to call about 10384736390 times before I decided I would just wait… Wait til 12+ weeks for some unknown reason and for now just tell my mum and dad…. So hubby and I lined up all 6 pregnancy tests I had taken and took a photo sending it through to our parents via picture message…. The response was mostly similar to “are you insane?”!!! Well yes. Yes we are!!!! Now here with a 3 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old. I can say. Yes. I think I am insane ?? we later announced with a photo of our kids on Facebook for everyone else to discover!!! ?

  3. Michelle Taylor-smit

    We thought of a third one but decided than financially we just couldn’t take care of another and goodness having to was hard enough at times. But then last year I did a test and almost died when I saw 2 lines. I was turning 40 and my kids were almost big already..well 12 and 10 so why now? But it was the best thing that could ever have happened. He has brought so much love and laughter back into our house. Never did I think I would have 3 kids. Now I can’t imagine just having 2. So very blessed.

  4. Sarrah Sheppard

    I was at work when I took the test. My periods are super irregular so having a late one wasnt unusual and I was checking more just to make sure. Basically it ended up being the most emotional 10 minute tea break Ive ever had ?
    I called my partner and was like “so Im pregnant” (he knew I was taking a test) and He goes “I figured” (I called him like 5 times in a row before he answered- he was driving) we decided to talk about it when we got home from work.
    I spent the whole day worrying he might not want the baby and what i was going to do. He gets home, practically runs in the door with a massive smile on his face “we’re having a baby?”
    Im crying at this point ( happy tears) “yep”
    He gave me a massive hug, kissed me on the forehead and said “lets go get some food, whatever you want”
    We went to maccas and ate 20 nuggets each to celebrate our surprise bub.

  5. Jordan B

    I cried to my husband. We had been trying for 15 cycles and I didn’t think I’d be able go have a baby without intervention even though I had no signs of infertility. Then along comes April 2015. We didn’t want to have a December baby so in march we didn’t try and I had thought I already ovulated. lol apparently not and now I have a one year old

  6. Samantha Carmody

    I told my partner i thought i was so we done the test and were over the moon. I wanted to wait and do an announcement with our 2 dogs, horse, cow and 2 sheep. I told my partner to wait till the 3 month marr as we were only 3 weeks along. The next day everysingle person who walked into the shearing shed he told he was just way to excited .

  7. Tayla Hayward

    I was at the doctors when I found out I was pregnant wasn’t feeling well and had weird coloured discharge!!
    They go me to pee and she took her little seringe and dripped it on the pregnancy test panel!! I was sitting there was all these crazy emotions through my head!!
    I was 21 when they told I had servere PCOS and there was a very slim chance of me actually falling pregnant so naturally I was hoping and praying that my time had come. What felt like an hour it came up positive, I didn’t believe her when she said it I was in total shock!! I balled (happy tears of course).
    My partner was at work so I went to the shop and brought two pairs of socks one pink, one blue and wrapped them up with the positive test and put them in a bag for my partner. He freaked and started crying and gave me the biggest hug and now we have a beautiful 4 month old lil man
    How I told my dad!! I gave him an apple seed and told him that was the size of his new grandchild 🙂

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