Proving people wrong 

In grade 1 I got kicked out of music class playing musical chairs, so I started my own. The teacher told me off and slapped my hand and told me to sit down. 

When I was in grade 3, my teacher made fun of me for always having my mouth open. He told me I daydreamed too much and that I wouldn’t amount to anything because of it. 
In grade 5, my teacher told me I had a learning disability and made me sit countless tests. I asked her for help on how to tell the time, and she told me if I didn’t understand it now I never would and I’ll never forget her words, she said “you’re beyond help”. 

In year 7, I still couldn’t tell the time, and a lovely girl Elizabeth taught me it. Some girls laughed at me while she was explaining it and called me dumb. 

The next year those girls pretended to be my friend because they needed an extra person for their own room in camp. They bullied me the whole time and left me out. I spent the camp crying to teachers who ignored me and sent me back to the same room.

I changed schools in year 10, and some of the boys made up rumours about me until one boy decided to stick up for me by saying I was “too fat and ugly to be touched”

In my final year off high school, I left half way through the year. I felt too depressed and didn’t want to go to school anymore. My parents divorced and it all got too much. 

At 22, I decided I wanted to help people, and I wanted to be a psychologist. I was rejected from all universities who told me unless I had perfect grades in my final years or studied another course, I would never get in. If I studied another course I would be 30 by the time I finished. I felt like I was going to be too old. 

I enrolled anyway and had perfect grades and worked hard until one teacher told me I lacked expression, and failed my piece. I begged her explaining I needed to get into university. I wrote it 3 more times before she finally passed me. 

I’m 30 now.

I have completed an applied science degree majoring in psychology. I’m in my second year of a masters degree.

In that I have had two children to a man who thinks I’m beautiful and loves my body.

Those girls from high school  keep trying to add me as a friend on Facebook and “reach out.” 

I write a blog that was featured on the Ellen website and told that I write really well. That my expression is good. 

I still daydream a lot and think musical chairs is fun. 

Everyone will always tell you no, or you can’t, or you’re not good enough. You are in charge of your own destiny, not them. 

Don’t let anyone tell you no, or that you can’t, or that you’re dumb, too fat, too skinny, that you shouldn’t be creative or fight for what you want. 

Or let them tell you, because karma is a bitch. And proving people wrong is so much fun. 


  1. sonialeonalvarez

    This was so powerful and true! People always put the limit on others that they put on themselves and it’s cliche but looking back to high school, the things people would pick at are the things they were the most worried about in themselves – clothes, hair, language, grades, anything. All power to you for proving everyone wrong and finding your way in life through your own will rather than the will of others! 🙂

  2. You are ah mazing!! Loved reading this though I’m so sad you have had to face such situations! Not to digress, but you were featured on Ellen? You mean Ellen DeGeneres? No matter which Ellem, go you!! You freakin rock lady!! See what I mean about a book!??

  3. Wow!!! Thank you for writing this post! It is truly inspiring! It’s so easy to believe the “no’s” after you’ve heard them enough. I struggle with that. But it’s so refreshing to see how you’ve pushed through and still found a greater perspective in the midst of it all. Wonderful post!

  4. You’re so beautiful and you write very lovely pieces. Sometimes people are so bored with their lives that they want to find something that interests them in yours. I have also learned to believe in myself first before anyone else does. That way anyone that tells me, “I can’t” is just music to my years.
    Keep up the good work and help as much people as you can. You inspire some of us and we really feel your message. So please don’t stop. All the best.

  5. Reading this made me feel like I was watching a movie… This is seriously an awesome blog… Been going through the same thing since college and it’s definitely fun to be like a silent ninja kicking everyone’s butt to success ????

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