My birth story – Sofia’s arrival 

My birth post with Luca (read it here has recently been shared and received some attention. Turns out there are so many stories like mine that have ended in trauma and heartbreak. It saddens me that this has happened, as I truly believe that this can be one of the hardest things to overcome as a mum. There were also comments about first time mums now being terrified about their pending birth experiences, but I want you to know that for every bad, there is a good story too! 

I want to share my birth story with Sofia that was my perfect ending and made up for my first experience, and even left me wanting to have another!

Being pregnant with Sofia was eaaaaasssyyy peeaaasy. No morning sickness, no nausea, no food aversions. Besides heartburn, (and my bulging belly) you wouldn’t even know that I was pregnant. 

My placenta was posterior  (at the back) which meant I was most likely not going to have a posterior birth, meaning she will be facing the right way, head down, when it was time to come out,  (which is awful and what I had with Luca) and also meant I could feel kicks earlier. 

37 weeks flew but as I got closer, my anxiety amped up. I was afraid I was going to have the same experience I did with Luca. I went into hospital 5 times with on and off contractions with him and was afraid that when the time came with Sofia that it would be the same. 

I was also HUGE!! And wanted her out out out! I was nesting on speed and cleaned areas I didn’t even know existed in my house. I was one of those old folks hosing down the concrete. “I needa to make ah the housa clean for the bebe” (that’s my best Nonna accent). I’d walk everywhere and even offered my husband nookie, he wasn’t silly though, he even said “I’m not a piece of meat you can use to bring on labour”, pfft, whatever lamb chop! 

all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put my vagina back together again

send help

Seriously, it looked like I swallowed the zebra and wore it’s skin as a dress. I actually understood why people asked me if I was having twins.. (You should never ask anyone this, it’s really f**kin annoying). 

Anyway, I’d be having Braxton hicks since about 13 weeks – which for me, felt like being winded. But on the 24 th of January, the Braxton hicks felt lower and stronger. I went to bed knowing that tomorrow was going to to be the day I was gonna pop! I was also excited to have her on the 25th because everyone kept telling me I was going to have an Australia Day baby and my pregnancy hormonal self also found that very annoying. I’m gonna prove y’all wrong!! (So I thought)

Around 3am I woke up to strong feelings. I thought oh no, I’m in labour. I messaged my friend who I call “my doula”and told her, she suggested having a shower to relax. I tapped my husband on the shoulder to tell him I was in labour, he replied with “okay” and then rolled over and and continued snoring. Righteo, looks like I’ll be delivering this baby myself. 

I had about 40 showers and all of a sudden it was 8am. I had an obstrician appointment with Dr. Dreamy (call him Dreamy for short) at 10am so I called the hospital, told them my dilemma and they said to come In earlier. I got to the hospital and they stopped. STOPPED!! No no no no, not again!! This what happened with Luca and I stared to panic and cry. They soon started again while waiting for my appointment and I told dreamy as I walked through his office that I thought I was in labour. He said he would check, and if I was happy he would “stir stuff up”. I blushed while he snapped his gloves on. (heheheheheheheh) He told me by this afternoon I’d be holding a baby in my arms (hopefully mine aye dreamy?). I was 4cms and handling it well. 

We were halfway home when things started to feel like things were definitely stirring. I got into the ward and after a walk around the whole hospital I was ready to start swearing and panting so it all began. I was also high off gas and air and decided to make a Facebook status to deter people and check in somewhere random. I checked in, into the city and said it was one of last nights out before baby number 2. I was too high to do this properly, as shown below…. I confused a lot of people

one parent family? what?

Gas and air was wonderful until about 7cms, I turned to the nurse and said, “mmmm I don’t think I want to do this natural anymore, I think I want an epidural”

You know those nightmare scenarios, when they say the anaesthetists is busy and might not be available? I felt like my uterus was on fire and if he didn’t come and put it out, I was going to turn into the hulk. I was already screaming like the exorcist so I was just waiting for my head to spin. I promise the pain wasn’t that bad, in hindsight anyway. 
At 10cms I screamed at the nurse and told her she was lying about the anaesthetists and if he didn’t come soon I was going to flip my shit. I had already pushed so hard that I did flip my sh…. Yeah I won’t go there. They had promised me the perfect birth so he came strolling in as promised and they gave me one. All of a sudden I turned into a normal human being. I didn’t have the full drill, just the initial part, but it was perfect enough to relieve the pain but still have sensation so I could feel the pressure of pushing.
It was 10:30, and I thought I better get this baby out before 12am otherwise she’s going to be an Australian day baby. I was exhausted. I pushed and was wrecked and things only started happening at 11:55. I was like shit, time to get this baby out!!! I pushed and yelled I can feel her! They put my hand on her little head full of hair (Ohhhh I’m crying now) and it gave me the motivation to push, at 12:12 she came, 26th of january, (Australia Day…. Eh!) at 3.79kgs, my beautiful Sofia 

granted, she looked like a squished potato

They put her on me and I felt her warm body on my skin. I never had the love feelings as described in my blog (love hurts) in my first birth due to the mess that it was, but to say I felt overwhelmed with joy was an understatement. She had this amazing smell and her body was soft and amazing. She was perfect and I held her in my arms and there she layed for about 4 hours. No one disturbed me.

They had to cut where I was cut previously because of the scar tissue and it was stopping her from coming out, but they asked me. They asked me because I was a human being, and they treated me like I deserved to be treated. They made the smallest cut, stitched me up right away. (Inserted something into my butt to stop the pain, whatever, when in Rome.). I felt nothing, I didn’t have any biatches. I had one nurse and one doctor, and they were amazing. 
I had the beautiful skin on skin I should have had the first time, I breastfed my beautiful daughter and I was just in awe. I was so relaxed I was glowing. 
Up on the ward, I was looked after and constantly praised and assisted. They were all beautiful. This is how birth should be, I thought! Enough to fool me to wanna do it again, but I might wait a while for that. 

Don’t be afraid of birth, if I, the biggest woss in history can last till 10cms, then mate, (lol) anyone can do it! Remember to have those birth plan ladies, but don’t be afraid if it doesn’t go to plan, but always insist on being treated like the goddess that you are, afterall, you just created life!

BFFs for LIFE!


  1. A beautiful bump 🙂 , a while ago walking through my housing estate I passed a radiant looking brunette walking towards me, she wore a long tight burgundy ‘maxi dress’ as if painted on revealing her COMPLETE heavily pregnant figure, she looked lovely!!!! And honest to God I want to say “Do you know my dear, I think you look absolutely stunning”………… but of course you just can’t say that these days, it’s ‘pervy’, you’ll end up in trouble (I’m not btw) Never mind her beautiful profile is etched as a picture across my mind! I ask what would your reaction to a strangers comment be?

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