Mummy needs Prozac 

If I told you I was having a bad day, and Option A (left) was how I was coping. You’d applaud me. It would be funny, it would be considered normal. “Mummy needs wine”… they make memes about it. I am encouraged. Never mind I use it to cope, never mind that I felt sad so I had to have a glass at 12pm. It’s okay right? Because a glass of wine is okay. 
But if I tell you Option B (right) is the way I cope when I’ve had a bad day. All of a sudden it’s a little taboo, isn’t it? All of a sudden I’m unstable, my mothering comes into question. “Did you know she takes antidepressants?” Or “you don’t need them, get off them” 

3 in 4 people with mental illness say they experience stigma with their mental illness. They experience prejudicial negative stereotypes. 

I have tried to live without option B. Because I didn’t want to look like a person who needed “medication” to be normal. I didn’t want to embarrass myself or my kids or husband because of what people would say. 

They shouldn’t be embarrassed and I shouldn’t be embarrassed. If my bad days outnumber my good days, then people should be embarrassed of themselves if they can’t accept that sometimes, you just need a little help to cope.

There’s nothing wrong with option B. Nothing.

It’s time we stopped shaming people for being on antidepressants and start celebrating they are strong enough to get help, fill in a script and commit to taking these things so they help and can function better.

They changed my life. I am happier, nicer, kinder and a better mother. 

If you need them, go and ask your doctor for one. Just like if you were sick you’d take antibiotics. 

You have an illness, an illness you can’t help. You’re not any less than any other person out there. 

You won’t turn into zombie,  you won’t be any less of the person you were before them. You won’t become a numb person. You won’t become independent on them and you’re not a burden to society. You’ll become happier. It’s time people stop saying that crap. 

It’s time we stopped calling them crazy pills and end the stigma that’s attached to help for mental illness.
They’re happy pills, and there’s nothing wrong with saying “mummy needs prozac” 


  1. If it
    Helps you and your attitude go for it…you don’t need to apologize or an explanation…
    you are in control of you and what you do to make it through the day..
    we all have our baggage we carry around everyday..

    So you cope with pills.. good ? for you…
    love ❤️ your’s real

  2. I agree!

    Ir’s frustrating that people are quick to judge those that struggle with “mental health.” Saying, “I need help, let me do something about it,” should be applauded! If one is diabetic no one would question or judge the person for taking the medicine needed to maintain the sugar levels, but sadly people who need medicine for mental support are seen as “weak” or a tad off.. NO! Keep it up, do what you have to do, and forget about the rest that don’t understand. They aren’t going to be there for you anyway! 🙂

  3. A single mother acquaintance of mine has children and suffers depression, my personal opinion is she should really see a Doctor and I’ve suggested so but she has concerns social services could become involved :/ , I think they’d be fine but as you say her mothering skills would be judged and that’s very sad and wrong.

  4. Stigma related to mental illness is one of the reasons my best friend killed herself when she was just 15. Fuck that shit! Too many people are hurting because of other people’s uneducated ideas about mental illness. Sing it loud and proud SIster. You know best for you.

  5. I often sail in the same boat and support everything that would help us in making us better at mothering. Antidepressant/ wind/ alone time in shower/ telling my kid to give me five minute break ( doesn’t really work)/ deep breaths/ video time for the kid… I need to stay sane!

  6. Amen! There are too many judgmental people in this world. As a mother of 4 I question many things and am always trying to be the ‘perfect mother”. Am I doing this right? Am I doing that right? Is someone going to judge me if I say this? Say that? But at the end of the day, I am a hero in my kids eyes! And there opinion is all that matters! So more power to you. For being happy, healthier and a better mom to your kiddos! Now, let me go grab my glass of wine! lol

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