I went to a healing 

So for the longest time I’ve been holding to a lot of things from my past. My childhood came with some trauma and I spend hours in a psychologists office trying to make the feelings of anger and sadness go away… some days I like that my past has made me stronger and some days I don’t feel strong at all. 

I have a lot of anxiety and some days I hate it, some days I want to change myself and I guess I was looking for something to help that. 

Life has a funny way of giving you what you need sometimes, and I found Olivia, well she kinda found me, but that’s another story. 

Olivia is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, you know when someone just radiates goodness? She does. She’s beautiful inside and out. Olivia created The Healing Space because she has had hard times in her life and life took her on a journey where she would become a reiki master and use her goodness to heal others. 

I went to a group healing pretty nervous, and admittedly sceptical. My mind races so there’s no way I could ever silence it forcefully. Hell even when I sleep it’s still ticking… I wondered if I’d be the person who fell asleep and farted or snored.. but as soon as I walked through the door and saw Olivia I immediately felt at ease. (She told me it’s all cool and that I could keep my socks on, even though they had holes in them)

We laid down and closed our eyes. I shut my eyes tight and said to myself, just relax. I began concerntrating on my breathing as instructed, and suddenly became more aware of the music. It was like a thousand monks sitting in a temple on a hill chanting “ommm” ever so often… I felt the vibration of their oms go right through my body and I began to relax.

I kept saying “I want to be free of anger and anxiety, free of anger and anxiety” and my eyes got darker and I started to see dark shapes. The shapes turned into dark circles and then eventually I saw a bird. 

The bird slowly became colourful, and it was like I was in a field looking at a bird. (I’ve got a pretty active imagination)

For ages, apart of me hasn’t felt complete or “done” should I say, with only having two children, and so my thoughts slowly turned to having a baby. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about having a baby, wanting a baby. And then Olivia came around and touched my stomach. I thought oh geez, she’s impregnated me. But seriously, I couldn’t shake it. She put her hands on my head and I suddenly felt all the aches in my head go away.

During the healing, Olivia gets messages, so she writes them down on a piece of paper.

I concentrated on her writing, hearing the pen scratch the paper, her hand slide across as she wrote word after  word. I wondered what it said, I wondered if it was about having another baby. 

She finished the healing by tapping a bell, I want to say she gonged, because I’m not spiritual really guys, I don’t know the technical term, but she gonged. 

I opened my eyes and I read her message 

I started to get teary and after the reading I cried and Olivia gave me a big hug. 

It’s okay to not be okay… I needed to hear that. It’s a message I spread so much but I almost said to myself that it wasn’t okay to not be okay. That it wasn’t okay to feel those feelings. It was a relief and a message I needed to hear.

Olivia also gave us a gift, some drops to help with anger and calmness (the universe provides) and some sage to burn. 

I now know what the smell is when you go into hippy shops… I burnt it in my house and I have to say, I felt the house felt clearer and I looked around and it almost looked like as if I just cleaned my windscreen in my car, you know? It felt clearer. I feel the negative energy has disappeared from my house, however! My daughter has been grunting like the devil, so perhaps she is the evil entity and the sage is drawing it out, who knows. Lol just kidding, but not really…

I thought about the healing after that, I feel lighter, I feel a bit happier and I feel like I’m at ease with myself and that it is okay to be okay. 

I thought about seeing the bird, so I googled what it meant, and it said “birds symbol a message from the spirit world”

And as I googled Olivia messaged me and said 

I didnt write it down on sunday, but i felt another little spirit around you ?do you think you would want another child down the track?? ??

How’s about that folks? Creepy or what?

So overall, if you’re feeling a little low, see this beautiful woman, there is so much to this world that is beyond us, I really believe it, and sometimes the universe just presents us what we really need. 
And who knows, there might be a little bird waiting to give you a message. ❤️?

(I wasn’t paid to do this, this is not sponsored or anything like that, but I think if it could help someone else, why wouldn’t I share it?) x