How to have date nights when it’s impossible to. 

Okay here I am again. Riding into your newsfeed on my high horse. with my wise advice again… I always feel kinda stupid doing “how to’s” because let’s face it, what I am an expert in isn’t important… I can’t very well write a blog called “how to smash KFC into my mouth in 10 minutes”… or “how to hide from your children so you can poo in peace”… 

But here I am… gonna try. Take it with a grain of salt…. chicken salt mmm. Okay that’s enough. Moving forward. 

How to have date nights when it’s impossible to have one:

Date nights are bloody important and it’s because when we decide to expand on our love and populate the world with miniature versions of ourselves, we suddenly no longer have time to love each other anymore. Our partners kinda turn into our housemate. Sometimes our housemate becomes really annoying because they can hear the baby crying but they’re so slow to react and you fantasise about punching them in the head, but you don’t, because you love them. So it’s important to keep that love by doing stuff together so you don’t start eyeing off the mailman for the love you’ve been missing.


It’s all well and good, but sometimes having a night out of the house is kind of impossible, and that could be because no one is trustworthy enough to look after your kids, your in laws are cunts, or you just don’t have anyone and babysitters are expensive. Whatever it is, you still need to make things work. 

Takeaway and movies 

But we do that Laura? I know you do… but if you’re like me you sit in front of the tv together and you don’t even talk, you eat yourself into an oblivion and then you go to bed tired. 

So grab the takeaway and sit on the table, lay out fancy table wear (nonnas plastic tablecloth is great) and talk! Have some wine! Pretend you’re at a restaurant and really get to know each other. No TV… that can come after. Have sex on the table at the end… shit I mean that would absolutely work. 

Then when you’re in front of the TV, sit next to each other, hold hands and touch. It’ll be a whole different experience. 

Screen free date nights

I’ve studied psychology, so I gotta say sometimes the things I say have some type of merit to it… but apparently talking to each other keeps relationships alive. Lol instead of being in front of the TV… play uno in your bedroom, have some snacks, and talk and play. It is a lot of fun, makes you feel young, and you’re engaging! Then have sex afterwards on top of the uno cards…. lol 

Be together  

Learn a language together on YouTube, give each other massages, do a clothes scavenger hunt, and I mean the clothes you’re wearing not your dirty jocks from the laundry basket with a note that says “wash on delicate cycle”…

Shit I don’t know. I have no clue about what I’m saying.

But what I do know is this, you’re here as proof you love your partner and you want to make it work. So do everything you can to, because your love is worth it… before and after kids.
Love yas!

(And KFC)

P.s I didn’t proof read this, I’m sorry xx