Hey… I’m your mum! What the?? 

Do you ever have those epiphany moments where you think to yourself, hey I am a mum? Or is that just me… 

I was at a beautiful wedding on Saturday night and in the bridal room feeding little Sofia. The fluorescent lighting was on her little face and I was examining all the features on her little head. I always stare at her when we feed but I’m usually so zoned out I don’t really think about anything. This time I was admiring her. This is big for me; because I’ve learnt in my post natal journey this is one of the ways you “bond” and know you’re connected.

 Anyway I was looking at her cute little lips sucking away and noticed the glistening on her top lip.. Ohhh, I thought, you have a moustache just like your Mumma! Hers is nice and blonde, but if she’s anything like me, it’ll become darker and thicker.. Then I said “Don’t worry fia, we will get that lasered when you’re older” – I thought my parents never cared much about my grooming and I was in grade 6 with a moustache longer than most boys in year 12. Anyway, that’s not really the point. After I said that, something struck me… Sofia isn’t just a baby, she’s going to grow up and be a kid, then a teen, then an a adult. THEN A WOMAN! What the hell.  

Sometimes I look at my babies and don’t see past them being babies and demanding food and sleep from me. I don’t appreciate their “life”. They’re alive, they’re living, they’re going to grow up and live these lives. They’re just tiny people now. 

I can’t explain it well, I just know at that moment I looked at her and realised that I was her mother. She was going to go through a lot being a woman and I was going to be there to guide her. It should have terrified me but it overwhelmed me with happiness. She’s my daughter and I am gonna make sure she goes through life with my full support and guidance, and no 12 year old moe! 

What a beautiful gift that is. We forget these little people are going to be as old as us one day, looking at their little babies. What a wonderful thing life is. 


watchu talkin about willis?

Just my Monday thought. 

Hope your Monday is hairless! ✌?️