Hello there, gorgeous.

Every day you wake up to little human alarm clocks that sound you at different times in the morning. Sometimes even through the night. You rub your eyes, and start the day.

You feed your baby, you get your your toddler up, you change nappies, you get them dressed. You pour wheatbix in a bowl and watch the milk slowly turn it soggy. You boil the kettle for your cafe la instant, turn on “minions” for the first time of the day. You make your coffee, you serve the wheatbix, you show your baby a new toy. You realise you haven’t gone to the toilet and your moments away from it trickling down your leg. You wash your hands and stare at yourself in the mirror. You tighten your mum bun, observe your tired eyes and dry lips and pale skin.

Hello there, gorgeous

The baby wails from being alone, the toddler has thrown his wheatbix on the floor, someones done a poo. Before you know it, you remembered you had a coffee that’s gone cold.

It’s all very glamorous.

But here you are, gorgeous. Here you are. From the moment you open your eyes, to the moment you close them. You give yourself.

Every day. 24 hours. 1444 minutes. 86,400 seconds. You give every inch of you.

The seconds turn into minutes, the minutes turn in hours and the hours turn into a lifetime. A life of where you give yourself relentlessly; with love to the human lives you created from inside of you. The ones that heard your heart beating before they even met you.

Life is a mixture of knowing that honor, but also being socially stigmatised as “just a mum”. Not a person who travels the world, not a person who follows their dreams, not a person who parties all night and sleeps all day, not a person with wants, wishes. Just a mum.

But that’s okay, gorgeous. Because being a mum is enough.

We judge ourselves by how clean our house is, by how good the decor is, by the development of our children. “Can she roll?” “Can he count to 20?”, “Can you do everything and still look like a step-ford wife?”.

Never mind that you sat with them, counting their little toes from 1 through to 10, and they know when they get to 9 that tickles are coming. Never mind that you laid by their side on your backs, staring into each others eyes. Smiling at the one who grew in you. Never mind you’ve been giving yourself every day. 24 hours. 1444 minutes. 86,400 seconds, gorgeous.

The other things aren’t what defines achievements in life. Those little moments are. It’s okay gorgeous. Those moments are enough.

Don’t be lost in the development, the decor, the day to day chores. Success isn’t defined about what you do. It is who you are, and that’s enough, gorgeous. Being a mother is enough. Stop feeling guilty, you have nothing to be guilty for.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re less.

When you look into the mirror, at your tired eyes, your mum bun. See you for you. You are gorgeous.

You are the mother who makes 3 lunches that are refused. Who creatively thinks of ways to hide vegetables. The one who tucks blankets in and checks 5 times just to make sure everyone is still breathing. The one who lays in bed wondering about the future of her children, and hope to god they never get bullied. That they grow up happy and fulfilled… and never hating you.

The mother who cuddles her child when they are scared, kissing the boo-boos on their knees. Putting your hand to their forehead to make sure they’re okay. Holding their hands until they fall asleep and dare not move in case they wake. Wondering where they are at 3am. Crying because they don’t see you. Crying because they make you laugh so hard. Crying because you’re so proud.

That’s enough gorgeous, that’s more than enough.

Every day you do those things. 365 days. 24 hours. 1444 minutes. 86,400 seconds. Every moment making another year of life. Until you take your last breath.

You don’t have to have it all together, you don’t have to look like a step-ford wife. You can have your loose belly, dimpled thighs and hairy pits. You don’t have to pretend every day is easy. Because it’s not. It’s okay. You don’t have to do it all and more; because you already do. And that’s enough gorgeous. It’s more than enough.

The human alarm will go off every morning. It’s wails will tell you its time to wake up. It’s Another day Gorgeous… and you’ve got this.

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