A letter to our younger selves.  

A letter to my teenage self.
Yesssss here’s another cliche letter that yet another blogger has written, but seriously, if I could have a conversation with my 16 year old, or 14 year old self, this is how it would go,

Dear Younger Me, 

First things first… Stop over plucking your eyebrows. It’s one of the things you’re going to regret the most later on in life. I don’t think “lines” were ever in fashion. Don’t shave them into shape either. We both know how that panned out.

Being 14 is hard, everyone is blossoming nicely into puberty, and you’re  sprouting a moustache. Never mind about that. You will get it lasered (although it’ll never completely go away). 

Boys are confusing, but I admire your attitude. You’re  quick on your feet with your comebacks to boys who don’t quite know yet how to respect women. I’m proud that you can see when some guys just want one thing. You’ll get fooled a few times, and going skiing is not what you thought it was… (Ironically, no ice is involved). However, I’m glad you didn’t leave yourself in that position.

No, he isn’t husband material. Neither is he. In fact anyone you date under 20 is not going to be there for the long haul. You don’t need his attention to feel loved in this world. You don’t need to put on a stupid voice on the phone, you don’t need to act differently around him. You’re damn cool anyway. You don’t need to sleep with anyone to feel loved. Love is a journey along with happiness, focus on living it instead of waiting for it. You won’t marry Zac Hanson or Paul from the train, but don’t worry, neither of them will be your type in a few years. Trust me on this.

Ahh yes, boys. As you get older and so do they, things don’t change much. Stop living for text responses. If he takes too long to reply to a message, if he ignored your text or if he doesn’t act interested, you don’t need to give him a second chance in showing you who he is, he is blatantly telling you. Most guys act like this, so marry an older dude (you did good there). You’re  worth so much, don’t settle for that. Open your heart, sure, but don’t let anyone get the best of you when they don’t deserve it. 

Speaking of deserve. Stop this guilt shit. Just stop it. Stop feeling like you don’t deserve more or can’t  have more or can’t  be more. This world is yours. You’re a young woman with ideas, use them, embrace them and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t have them.

And there will be people who say you cant. You’ll waste some time with shit ass friends, some of them will use you, some of them will talk behind your back. Manipulate you, make you feel bad, and keep you in the place of an unpopular girl. 

But don’t fret, your youth is too prescious to waste time with shitty ass friends. 

You’ll get kicked down but this will be one of the best things to happen to you, because you’ll learn what it means to be a good friend and to have good friends, and those people will stay in your life. 

And you’ll know learn that, even those people that were shitty to you had their own struggles they kept in their closet and projected onto you. Don’t be mad. 

Just like everyone in this world, You have so much purpose in life. Higher purpose than just that superficial living. People will tell you YOLO (well they won’t, you’re a 80’s kid, settle down), Some might tell you that you occurred because there was a Big Bang, (well two, the second one created you specifically) and your existence in this world is as much as a crumb on the floor, so don’t drive for more. But don’t believe them. You’re  here for a reason. You have abilities and you’re good at things. Paint, draw, dance, sing or play on the violin. Keep going until the squeak goes. Maybe you want to read, and maybe you like maths. 

Maybe you don’t want to do any of those things, but don’t give up on what you do want. Never stop trying to discover who you are. 

Either way, life led you right here… So you did alright kid. I’m proud of you. Just be true to you, and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. 

And for God sakes, save some money. And write a book about sex called 50 shades of grey, you’ll thank me later. 

Older Me


      • She is already plucking her eyebrows (at school.. wtf?).. Acting like a plonker in front of boys.. Only able to have a conversation if she is staring at herself in the mirror so that she can see what she looks like as she speaks and constantly falling out with her mates. Oh and obsessed with high heels which she isn’t allowed to wear.

  1. The achievement is so high in degree that gaining this weight appears as no loss. I have two kids and my body has given much than taken, look a little fat from here n there : but all for their smiles, n nothing matters really! I loved ur post it reminded me of my youth too

  2. I wish to thank you for your blog You have such an honest and beautiful way to express yourself and share your life that I cannot help but find it endearing as hell! Thank you very much sharing.

  3. And eat more chocolate and cake…you will regret not doing it when you are over 40 and the world is telling you to eat less gluten, less sugar, less caffeine.

  4. This cracked me up! When originally thinking of starting a blog I wanted to title it “To My Younger Self: A Memoir to Myself”. You’ve hit all of the points (and then some). If only we would take the advice given from our elders & trust they know what they are talking about when they are talking about it! Truly though, it’s only in hindsight you can really appreciate the experience.

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