Happy birthday to me!

Today I turned 30 so me and hubby and the kidlets decided to go out for breakfast. Luca is not one to sit still on the best of days but today he was especially active. (I’m so tired so please bear with my story telling.) 

He refused to sit with us or in a high chair and he started to cry because we were trying to ask our toddler to sit still (bahahahah- I know…) and as it was a nice day and we were sitting outside, we gave in and just let him play. He was picking up sticks and hitting a little ball around. Now I assure you, he was no where near anyone. I scouted the area to make sure we were far away for fear that we will be considered annoying. 


pretty sure he was saying “noooooooo”

Out the corner of my eye I see lady daggers. I call her lady daggers because her eyes were like flying knives our way. Her looks were so dirty I felt like I needed a shower. (Hey I’m 30 now, so I wanna start telling dad jokes ;)) she was speaking pretty softly and kept glancing our way. So being the poster girl for anxiety, I assumed she was talking about us. 

Another guy started looking at Luca playing, and I said to my husband, why is everyone so interested in staring at us?? He said the guy had smiled at Luca so he was probably just admiring him.

But lady daggers didn’t want to smile. Ohhhhhh no. Little Luca was ruining her lunch experience from 10 meters away and she had to make it obvious. She then said to her lunch buddy “why can’t people control their children?” 

Well lady, let me tell you… Because children aren’t meant to be controlled, they aren’t tiny robots that we can program to sit and eat the godamn chicken nuggets we picked to entice them, they’re not interested in drawing, and my son certainly isn’t interested in sitting still. He’s not even 2. He doesn’t even know that of the 365 days of the year it’s his mums birthday and she just wants to enjoy a day with her family without some random lady judging her parenting. 

My son isn’t interested in iPad to shut him up so it appeases you… And if I used one you’d probably judge me for that with your gunslinging eyes. 

Little miss Sofia then started crying, so time to whip out the boob and feed her. The lump in my throat grew into a pumpkin because this Cinderella (More like boobarella) did not want to have a nip slip or God forbid, lady daggers have something to say about that. She was staring intensively at this stage with a look of disgust as I so carefully tried to adjust myself so that not even an ounce of flesh came out. I ending up using a cover because the dirty looks made me feel as small as a mouse. 


shit!! shes pulling off… no baby nooooooo

Anyway I suppose the point of this post is  to say; that as parents, we feel so much pressure from others to have sprouted perfectly behaved children and are sometimes quick to react or not react because of the judgemental eyes of others. Please hold up your dueces to those people, they are not worth your energy or cognitive space. I reminded myself of that and tried not to let her get to me.

In the end, We all had a great day and lady daggers, you did not win today! Next time I’ll squirt milk in your face.


  1. Jessica Anne

    HaHa…squirt milk in your face…love that 🙂
    It’s so hard to remember that other peoples judgements are just their opinion and we shouldn’t let it get to us, because of the way they make us feel in the moment. Good on you for not reacting to that lady, who was obviously making you a little uncomfortable, by leaving or trying to ‘control’ your 2 year old 🙂

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