The perfect time to lose the baby weight

NEVER!!! muahahahaha
*stuffs face with chips*
So stop telling me to. 

K thanks.

  1. Brilliant!!! I love this so much- not only forbade message, but also the chips!! Lol. But seriously I keep thinking of these short snippets to write and then don’t-thanks for showing me not only is it ok, but awesome!

    • Oh my god!! You write awesomely so for you to say that it’s a compliment lol
      Hhaha I just ate pizza for breakfast, but seriously I need to slow down with the junk lol

      • I had lost most of my baby weight but have out on some stay at home mom weight since unexpectedly leaving my job in January and your post made me feel better about it. There are more important things for sure!! And thank YOU for the compliment!!!

        • Yes! It’s always good to feel good but your weight should never make you feel bad. I’ve got about 20kgs to lose to get back to what I was but I’ll do it slowly I suppose.
          You’re welcome!! Xx

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