The contradictions of motherhood 

Welcome to motherhood, where life is a constant contradiction… 
Where you feel utterly alone but always have two little hands plastered all over you and a forever audience when you do ANYTHING. 
Where your baby will eat dog food, but turn her nose up at a gourmet meal that took you 7 days to prepare. 
Where you never have time to eat, but gain a kilo a week eating leftovers. Ugh.
Where you’re feeling run off your feet and exhausted, but feeling a little bit bored and little unfulfilled 
Where there’s so much to do but nothing to do 
Where you love to get out, but hate leaving the house
Where you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open, but stay awake just to have some time alone 
Where you’re slave driven but don’t have a job. (Or a pay)
Where you spend your days talking, but never having a real conversation.
Where you wish for alone time, or nap time, or bed time, and immediately missing them as soon as you get it. Waiting for the moment to get cuddles again. 
Where you’re looking like your 6 months pregnant, but gave birth 11 months ago ?
Where you whinge to your friends about your kids, but if anyone complains about them, you’ll hurt them real bad ✂️
Where you complain all the way, but love every minute. 
And you never ever want to change a thing ❤️
Oh oh and where you wear gym clothes, only to not go to the gym. 
Welcome to motherhood, the best contradiction of your life. ?