Shitty mums

Sometimes I read posts from sanctimummy’s (sanctimonious mums – I didn’t think of the phrase) about how perfect their crutch fruit are because they’re not shitty mums like the rest of us. A particular post that struck my interest was “fed is best”… I took that as a nod to mummas who ever felt guilty for their choices on feeding, or their lack of choices. Breastmilk is superior, we all know it, and we don’t doubt it, but formula does the job when breastfeeding doesn’t. We feel guilty for everything, we don’t need to feel guilty for that… 

But they struck, the sanctimummy’s, and as usual, they were out for blood, calling women who formula feed; shitty mums. Ahh seriously??

But it doesn’t just stop at formula, does it. Oh no…Apparently there’s a lot of things that make us shitty mums according to these perfect parents. 

A shitty mum is honest about the struggles of motherhood. 

A shitty mum needs coffee to survive the day 

Complaining about your children? You’re a Shitty mum.

Admitting you put on the TV to drink your coffee and go on Facebook? Shitty mum.

Feed your kids nuggets, drink wine, scratch your arse, breathe differently… Shitty mum. 

Dress in yoga pants and always have mum bun. (Seriously, I’ve seen this) shitty mum. 

Even looking respectable still makes you a shitty mum. (You’re the people I wanna be, believe me, respectably dressed, instead I don’t even do yoga pants.. I got my love heart pjs on. 

Even this gorgeous breastfeeding Mumma posted a breastfeeding selfie, and was rediculed. I mean, taking out your boob to feed takes courage and your doing what your body intended, she should be praised, not shamed! 

You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. 

By this definition, I’m a massive shitty mum. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. My house is messy full of toys, I formula feed occasionally when my nips are on fire, I don’t even wear yoga pants, I stay in dirty pjs with my mum bun. I write about the ups and downs with children because that is life. This is my life and I’m happy with it. Our children and fed, clothed and loved and that makes us beyond exceptional and if you judge that, that makes you a shitty person. 

There are children who are unloved and neglected and abused, they’re the children we should fight for, people who hurt them are shitty, not mums who decide to wear yoga pants. 

So I’ll continue to be a shitty mum and love my life and enjoy it. We are all in this together. I say it over and over. Parenting is hard and what you say can really impact a mothers self worth. We should raise each other up not tear each other down. 

So here’s a raise to us shitty mums 🍷

Ans for the judgmental people, here’s a raise to you, with my badly shitty painted nails. ✌🏼️

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