Rodan and fields 

So every day I get at least 3 inbox messages telling me about Rodan and Fields.

“Oh you must try it!” “You must sign up to be a consultant!”

And I’m always thinking, what the shit is this? 

I am one to stay far far away from MLM’s (multi-level marketing) or pyramid schemes. I don’t like the idea of asking friends to come to my parties, because I don’t like hosting them… lol (anti social life)

But I guess I was intrigued and I thought, hey, what the hell, this thing promises to help with my skin, I’m trying it for free, why not.

So rodan and fields is (and I’m not being paid for this, not in the slightest) is a new line of skin care said to help with all your skin ailments, and it’s from the creators of proactiv so that kinda gives you an idea. 

So I used the renew products

This is how we started out… this is with make up and an unretouched photo.

Got more wrinkles than a shirt stuffed in a drawer. I’m tired okay?

And this is my skin now, without make up. Completely unretouched and after wakingfrom a  nap 

Granted I look ugly and tired in both, but it works. 

I’m still a little freckly and tired looking, but I have to tell you, I use this product so half assed… most days I forget, but it has made a difference…imagine if I used it properly!

So do I rate it? Fuck yes. Would I accept more freebies? Fuck yes. Lol

Would I buy it… yes I would… and I’d hide the purchase from my husband. 
If you want to buy it, you can do so here…

– I get no commission or anything like that, but if you’d like to buy it from the lady who so graciously let me try it for free and then drain her life with questions, I would love you for it, she deserves it. 

Do this by following the steps: 

Or change it to whatever country you’re in. 

And select this babe…. honestly she’s super nice and maybe she will send you some samples of the other stuff they have to offer ??

Just casually throwing her under the bus. 

I use a lot of shit to help wrinkles on my face because after kids I turned from a youthful well rested glowy young girl, to an old crazy prune looking woman. I was going to get Botox but I figure this actually helped and lessened the need  (I’d probably still get Botox though, not as much) and has changed my skin with only a half ass commitment to it. 

I genuinely love this product, so if you need more convincing here are some other before and after photos of people who used it properly…

So that’s my review of Rodan and fields ?