Remember why you love me 

Remember when you used to look at me like I was the only person in the world? Don’t forget that. Remember when you decided you wanted me forever? Remember it. 

Remember when you chose me as the woman to have a baby with, remember why you chose me. 

It’s so easy for us to be lost in life. You work, you’re  busy and exhausted. I know you work hard and I appreciate you. 

But sometimes I feel a little bit forgotten. 

Sometimes I feel we aren’t partners and that we are just parents. Sometimes I feel like you don’t remember why you love me and it hurts. Sometimes I feel unappreciated, neglected and unloved. I know you don’t meant it, and it’s not your fault. 

I know life drags us down. I know relationships can be tough, but ours doesn’t have to be. 

The world is so unloving and uncaring sometimes. But you, you are my safe place. You’re the person that stands beside me even when I am wrong. You protect me, but when you don’t feel like you are that person anymore, all of a sudden I feel so alone in the world. All of a sudden I am in this world alone, fighting the darkness alone. And I need you. 

When we fight it hurts me the most. We say the most horrible words to each other, sometimes things that can’t be unsaid. The worlds can’t be unheard and they can’t be unfelt, and they make us feel unloved. 

Sometimes we don’t say anything at all. We don’t talk. Intentionally or unintentionally. We forgot to use our hearts and talk with our mouths. Instead we are angry with each other in our minds. 

But I need you. I want you. Only you. Every day. I need all the little things you used to give me. 

I still need you to say good morning, and I still need you to say goodnight. 

I need you to look at me like you used to. I need you to get as passionate about me as you are about sports. ?

I need us to be friends, but more important I need us to be lovers. I need to know that no matter what life or love throws at us, we won’t let it knock it down.

I need you to love me for better and even when worse is really shit. 

I need you to  know you’re the only one, my love, that can make me remember why I should never feel forgotten and I promise to do the same.