I owe a lot to these little pills.  On a night where I’m left alone with two kids, I don’t feel doomed. I feel calm and nonchalant.  When I didn’t have these little pills, my heart would beat out of my chest. My palms would be sweaty. I would feel angry, anxious and frustrated.  When … [Read more…]

Fuck you PMS 

When God created the human body, it’s hard to think that he wasn’t feeling a little cruel towards the female form.  “Every month you shall bleed! Your body will cramp dull aches. You shall feel an abundance of emotions; anger, sadness, hangry, hungry, irritated, all into one” But you know what happens if you don’t … [Read more…]

For better, not for worse. 

When I was a month pregnant, Dom proposed to me. It was how we planned it. Get pregnant and get hitched.  I told him that I still wanted him to propose to me, keep it romantic.  I was working at a place where I felt bullied because I was pregnant, and in return argued with … [Read more…]

Don’t quit 

If my children could write a blog, it would be titled “my mummy is sometimes a sad mummy” Some days I feel useless, sad, overwhelmed, burned out, bored… Guilty.  The sun starts to shine and I’m reminded at how isolating it can be to be a stay at home mum.  But a little voice says … [Read more…]

Message from the spirits to George. 

I’ve been to three psychics in my life. Two of them were amazing. One in particular is my favourite and I always leave on a high after seeing here. I always talk about her, but today id like to talk about the third one. The not so psychic-psychic. Some people are sceptical and let me … [Read more…]

Love and marriage… 

All is fair in love and war. Until you get married.  That’s how I felt, anyway, around a year ago being pregnant with Sofia. I was doing a placement for uni and in my spare moments cleaning and cooking and doing homework. I was run off my feet and exhausted. I had no time for … [Read more…]

How I met your father. 

In 2009 I met Domenic. He was standing with my brother in law; Christian, while I was strutting my stuff at the races. They were drinking beers and laughing. I came over to say hi and he and I engaged in small talk. I don’t remember what we said but I remember his nice teeth. … [Read more…]

I am 

There are a lot of things I used to be that I am no longer. I am no longer a night owl, but rather I dream of a bed time at 7pm. I’m still not a morning person though, either, and that is okay. I am no longer blissfully unaware of things.  I am no … [Read more…]


I repressed a lot of things from my childhood. For a lot of years. I’ve watched movies before where people have repressed things and at the time I didn’t know I did exactly that. I thought it was fictional, but its real. Real and raw. You hide it so deep inside you that you don’t … [Read more…]

Surviving Reflux

All children are born with reflux, to some degree, but there’s reflux, and then there’s reflux. When you’re a parent to a baby with reflux, you’re no stranger to never sleeping, changing clothes, holding a baby, feeding them 5 times in an hour and never sleeping. It is hard, to say the least.   Every … [Read more…]