The first days 

Do you ever look back at photos through your phone…? Scrolling through and remembering those times and thinking “awww”… I do with some photos. I get all nostalgic. And with others, I thank the lord that months and years  have passed and when I see that photo, I shudder.  When I was 37 weeks with … [Read more…]

Remember why you love me 

Remember when you used to look at me like I was the only person in the world? Don’t forget that. Remember when you decided you wanted me forever? Remember it.  Remember when you chose me as the woman to have a baby with, remember why you chose me.  It’s so easy for us to be … [Read more…]

They’re okay. 

Between exhaustion and stresses of life it is sometimes hard to take a little look around you and see your children in all their perfection.  We are so busy being exhausted and so busy being stressed sometimes there is no time to see passed being a mother and them as a  child. Time is filled … [Read more…]

Dear diary, 

I went to try on a dress over the weekend for an event. I gathered as many dresses as I could so I wouldn’t have that disappointing feeling of walking away with nothing that results in me feeling shit with myself. I got the biggest sizes I could so it would feel nicer to go … [Read more…]

It’s okay to be a bad mother

Not all of us are natural mothers.  There are some of us who find it exhausting, overwhelming, boring, hard, hating it…wonder if we have made a mistake… We won’t say it out loud because we don’t want to be judged or seem like we love our children any less than we do.  For me, it … [Read more…]

Mummy needs Prozac 

If I told you I was having a bad day, and Option A (left) was how I was coping. You’d applaud me. It would be funny, it would be considered normal. “Mummy needs wine”… they make memes about it. I am encouraged. Never mind I use it to cope, never mind that I felt sad … [Read more…]