4am rant 

I love my children. I would give my heart to them to make sure theirs beat forever. There is no doubt about it.  But sometimes I want the permission to just sigh heavily and say, fuck this. Let’s look at like this, it’s 4:00am and I’m writing this. Having been up for two hours trying … [Read more…]

Medication made me a better mum

Medication has made me a better mother. I’m no longer ashamed to say that. Getting help made me stronger and not feeling like I wanted to jump off a cliff.  Please don’t read any further if you’re overly sensitive or judgemental, because you won’t like what I have to say.  The hardest thing about writing … [Read more…]

Tales of batshit crazy in laws…

I have a really lovely mother in law. She is lovely. She cries when I cry and laughs when I laugh. I’m lucky.  However before my husband I dated a guy whose mother I could liken to the mother on the show, bates motel. She would wear my clothes, lay in the middle of my … [Read more…]

My birth story – Sofia’s arrival 

My birth post with Luca (read it here https://www.littlebooteek.com.au/article/birth-story-lucas-arrival) has recently been shared and received some attention. Turns out there are so many stories like mine that have ended in trauma and heartbreak. It saddens me that this has happened, as I truly believe that this can be one of the hardest things to overcome as … [Read more…]

To my son. 

To my beautiful son, Yesterday I watched you play around with your daddy’s shoes. One day your feet will fit into them. That thought alone terrifies me and fills me with joy. It fills me with joy because I know you and I have a lifetime of adventure together. You’re only learning to talk now … [Read more…]

What not to say to sleep deprived mummas 

Sleep deprivation is a torture method. People joke about this but when you have tiny little terrorists keeping you up all night, you know they’ve won in their torture methods and eventually you’ll crack. That is no joking matter. “Okay, okay!! The cookies are on the top shelf! Please I’ll surrender!!!”  A lot of people … [Read more…]

Hey… I’m your mum! What the?? 

Do you ever have those epiphany moments where you think to yourself, hey I am a mum? Or is that just me…  I was at a beautiful wedding on Saturday night and in the bridal room feeding little Sofia. The fluorescent lighting was on her little face and I was examining all the features on … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to me!

Today I turned 30 so me and hubby and the kidlets decided to go out for breakfast. Luca is not one to sit still on the best of days but today he was especially active. (I’m so tired so please bear with my story telling.)  He refused to sit with us or in a high … [Read more…]