Mothers don’t want shit gifts (hello mama guest blog) 

Your friend has a baby!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

The urge to visit them is immediate and of course, you don’t want to go empty handed..

So what do you buy for someone who hasn’t slept a wink for over two weeks, who is surviving on coffee and cupcakes and muesli bars… who hasn’t showered and is tying to navigate their way through this new motherhood gig with a tiny little cutie that can’t stop crying but won’t tell anyone why? 

I can tell you what you shouldn’t buy… onesies. She spent 9 months stockpiling so throw that out the window, anything that makes repetitive disco noise on speed at 3am but you can’t find its whereabouts (burn it) …and fluffy toys??? No! That’s out the window now!

Mummas want… and mummas need stuff for them. They need some TLC, they need gifts that scream we acknowledge you have popped a baby out of your uterus and that you have years of being lost, scared and last for 18 years… but you, you mamma… you are still loved…

And that’s what I found when I found HELLO MAMA

This mumma Kelly had a friend with a new baby and she knew exactly what she needed, so gave her friend all the goodies a mumma could want and wrapt it up so beautifully that her friend said YOU MUST do this for other mummas, so she did. 

As a seasoned mama, I’ve been stressed the heck out, and when I received my beautifully packaged box I cried a little bit. It was packed with a beautiful book full of positive affirmations for mums, the cutest mama bird Tee (love my printed tee’s) And even had chocolate that I gobbled up and didn’t share! 

So what I love about HELLO MAMA is that its gifts for mums that mums actually want… it’s gifts that we didn’t know we need until we unwrapt the box and cried hysterically while clutching that chocolate thinking “yes!! I am remembered”…. umm no, not speaking from experience… okay maybe a little bit. 

From pregnant mothers to veteran mamas who are losing their minds (like me!)… there is literally a box of goodies for each of them that will show them they are loved and that they matter… and I absolutely love that. 

You can visit it here to check out all the goodies for yourself (with a code MUMRUN10 to get 10% off) 
So now I’ll never have to think about what a mum needs because Kelly has done it for us, and can deliver it right to their door. Easy! 

I was lucky enough to ask the beautiful Kelly some questions about her wonderful journey with HELLO MAMA! Check it out below! 

Questions for Hello Mama: 

1. What inspired you to start this business?

It was a time where all my friends were getting pregnant and I really struggled to find a nice gift that I was proud to give them. When my bestie fell pregnant, I created my own gift box for her full of lovely items that I would actually love to receive.


2. What was the worst gift you received when you had your baby?

Oh my goodness, a ceramic stork for the nursery! Let’s just say that didn’t fit in well with my Pintrest nursery plans.


3. Why do you think it’s important for mums to receive TLC gifts?

Basically, there is a really cute, tiny little human around and as a result, mums can be forgotten at a time when they need some TLC the most. This is a time where you experience huge physical and mental changes, and let’s just add you probably aren’t getting much sleep. At a time where just a shower would make you cry with appreciation, a TLC gift is just what the doctor ordered.


4. How do you juggle being a mum and running a business?

My toddler is sitting on my pregnant bump right now as I try to answer these questions so that is the literal side to juggling both. Bigger picture, I ensure that I allocate dedicated times to both Hello Mama and being a mum and really try hard to stick to these.


5. What is your ultimate gift to receive as a mum?

Hello Mama gift box of course! Or a date with Ryan. Or a night in a hotel on my own with big fluffy white pillows and brekky delivered in the morning when I wake up, without a toddler hitting me in the face. Any of the above would be ideal.

Awww I love her!!! So please check her out. Support a fellow mama by supporting hello mama and there are some many good karma points to come your way you’ll for sure end up in the “good place” (new favourite show lol) 


Laura xx
P.s this is not sponsored! Just mums loving mums!