How to tire your kids out with COMMANDO STEVE!! 

We’re getting out of the house on Sunday for a fun morning which almost guarantees the parenting holy grail of a synchronised two-kid afternoon nap!

Not only do we get to meet our favourite TV PT, Commando Steve, we’re invited to try out his new family friendly workout – Commando Kids at the Melbourne Fitness Show (13-15 October)

This awesome man!!!

It’s going to be a lot of fun for the whole family and promises to tire our little rays of sunshine out, setting up a quiet afternoon for hubby and I while they nap! WINNING!

I had the chance to catch up with the awesome Commando Steve to ask a few Qs ahead of the Fitness Show which opens on Friday and runs all weekend. 
1. Great to see you’ve got a family-friendly class at this year’s Fitness Show, my family is coming along to try it out. What can we expect? A fun inclusive session for the entire family, designed to get everyone in the family moving.
2. My kids are tough on a rainy day, what skills or drills could i do at home to help them burn off energy? You can do anything from squats, push ups, planks, lunges and even burpees. Kids love things that challenge them and are fun so balancing on one leg, hoping on one leg, jumping, star jumps and making up names for exercises that quirky and engaging. If you have the space you can even do a tug-o-war with a towel, loads of fun and really tire kids out.

3. What kind of strategies do you use at home to help your kids choose good food and regular activity? Firstly its all about my actions and the things I do, Creating an environment that revolves around activity and eating well, over time they will emulate your actions as they see it as the norm. Having conversations and getting them to participate in exercise and cooking is an important way to steer them towards choosing to express the better versions of themselves.


4. Your partner is Michelle Bridges, do you ever just binge watch telly and eat ice-cream? Haha, we do watch telly but it’s a no to binging, we will make a dessert with the kids and share it together so they learn that it’s about enjoying things not over indulging.
What an amazing dude!!! 
Join me and my son Luca in trying out some fun fitness moves with Commando Steve at the Fitness Show on Sunday 15 Oct 9am-10am at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Fitness Show runs Friday 13 to Sunday 15th October in Melbourne and is in Brisbane on 21-22 October at BCEC, with Commando Kids running on Sun 22. 

For more or to book tickets visit

See you there!

(Not sponsored yo! We love the commando)