How I met your father. 

In 2009 I met Domenic. He was standing with my brother in law; Christian, while I was strutting my stuff at the races. They were drinking beers and laughing. I came over to say hi and he and I engaged in small talk. I don’t remember what we said but I remember his nice teeth. He kind of had a quiet confidence about him. It was kinda sexy.

My heavily pregnant sister went up to him and said “you can’t talk to her! She has a boyfriend!”… Who was flirting with other girls like usual. Domenic then told me didn’t want to talk to me anymore even though I wanted to, “your sister said I’m not allowed”. I left the races without much thought to Domenic, just that he was somewhat cheeky and charming. 

Years later (3 to be exact) and a few string of crazy boyfriends, I was telling Christian (BIL) that I was done with guys, and they were all either full of shit, or crazy. (I mean you attract what you are right? ?). He then said, “I have a friend for you, you met him years ago and he’s been asking about you ever since”… It was the guy with nice teeth. My sister chimed in and said how she told him to stay away because I’ll break his heart.

“What did he say to that?” I asked. 

“If anything, he will break yours.”

Game on bitch. 

I strolled through his photos (okay stalked)… And added him. (Deleted the request after he took too long) We eventually talked after me privately messaging him and asking why he wasn’t pursuing me, which he responded with some cocky answer and I was intrigued.

The next day I was running late for work, having just been transferred from my retail job in the burbs to the outlet store in the city. Wearing a short dress and knee high boots I was walking full steam ahead to the coffee station to get my fix (so I could pretend to be thrilled when customers left their shit in the change rooms). There was always office guys walking around as there was an office building next door. (Called ANL. Lol anal. Anyway)

Two guys were walking towards me while I was speed walking as to not be late. One of them looked familiar, one of them looked like…  “Dom??” I said to him, tilting my head to the side. “Are you Dom?”

What the hell. The guy I was talking to last night who just asked me what I did for a living, was in front of me.

“Yeah” he smirked. 

“I’m Laura” and we kissed on the cheek hello. 

“Yeah I know” So cool and calm and collected.

The butterflies bubbled in my stomach.. “What are you doing here? Do you work here? I work here. I don’t usually dress like this”. I blurted out. 

He looked me up and down and explained how he worked next door. He asked me about my work and then asked if I could get any parking vouchers.


We talked some more about the vouchers and went on our merry way. 

From then on, it was a mission to bump into him. I worked out his schedule of when he would stroll by my work. He would smile sometimes, sometimes ignore me, sometimes talk to me, but every time I said to myself, ‘why do you even care? You don’t like this jerk’. 

But I did, and the more I didn’t want to like him, the more I did. 

I would text him things and sometimes get nothing back. He would take 10 years to reply sometimes. (Slight over exaggeration) But I was desperate to keep it cool.

Until one night I mixed alcohol with my desperation and decided to drunk text him. 

“I think I want to kiss you” I said. 

“Is that drunk talk?” He asked. 

I said “yeah but I thought the same thing when I’m sober”

After a few exchange of texts I was at his house at 6am.

I know he will want me to mention this because he’s never let it down. I went to maccas on my way home, I did not get him anything. I did go there empty handed and said I didn’t eat anything but eventually the truth came out. He’s never let me live this down. I did not bring him any maccas. Yes I am a bitch. Lol 

I sat next to him on the couch, and saw long ladder in my stocking. Dear god, I looked like a whore with my red eyes from drunkness and ripped stockings. I was so paranoid i was going to fart or I had bad breath,  so I just stared at the tv. He was in jeans, a jumper; with his legs up on the couch. 

“Why don’t you sit closer?”he smiled.

“No why don’t you sit closer?” … Ha ha I was shitting myself. WHY? No guy ever got the best of me like this. 

So he grabbed me and pulled me closer and I leaned on him.

My heart was pounding. And I looked up to him and our lips met and we kissed.

It was fireworks. ? (I get butterflies talking about it). He was a perfect gentleman and didn’t instigate anything (unfortunately). I was meant to start work at 9 but we were still smooching at 8, so I called in sick. (Only got one shift a week after that for months).

He drove me home and I couldn’t look at him, he thought it was because I was shy, but it was really because my face was red with pash rash. He kept staring at me, and told me I was beautiful. He still looks at me the same way.  

He later told me he always liked me but wasn’t sure if I liked him. I mean how many hints can someone give?? 

I believe we were meant to be/meet, it was fate. Now two kids later… Here we are! Ups and downs.. Highs and lows. But we love each other. There’s been times where we have fought with each other so bad I thought that was it, and then there are times where we can’t get enough of each other.

(I guess you could call this part 1 of the blog of us. I’ve written a background for a reason… There’s more of us to come) x
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