I am 

There are a lot of things I used to be that I am no longer. I am no longer a night owl, but rather I dream of a bed time at 7pm. I’m still not a morning person though, either, and that is okay. I am no longer blissfully unaware of things.  I am no … [Read more…]


I repressed a lot of things from my childhood. For a lot of years. I’ve watched movies before where people have repressed things and at the time I didn’t know I did exactly that. I thought it was fictional, but its real. Real and raw. You hide it so deep inside you that you don’t … [Read more…]

Surviving Reflux

All children are born with reflux, to some degree, but there’s reflux, and then there’s reflux. When you’re a parent to a baby with reflux, you’re no stranger to never sleeping, changing clothes, holding a baby, feeding them 5 times in an hour and never sleeping. It is hard, to say the least.   Every … [Read more…]

Postpartum sex 

It’s funny how people say your sex life will change after moving in, or getting married. My sex life was the same. It’s after kids that it all turned to shit. When you’re so exhausted and the hair on your legs joins to your ‘flower’ and represents a jungle, there are no sexy feelings. When … [Read more…]

Don’t put yourself last anymore mamma

There is something that happens to a mothers brain when we eject those tiny humans out of us. All of a sudden we must put ourselves last. Our needs, our wants, our desires. We must always do the best for our child, even if that means neglecting ourselves. And sure that is okay, but it’s … [Read more…]

She Cancelled Plans, AGAIN.

This blog has been sitting here for weeks, as so many of them do.. but I thought with mental health week approaching, or one of the mental health weeks, I can’t remember, I am tired, thought this would be fitting.

Hello there, gorgeous.

The seconds turn into minutes, the minutes turn in hours and the hours turn into a lifetime. A life of where you give yourself relentlessly; with love to the human lives you created from inside of you. The ones that heard your heart beating before they even met you.

Where did I go? 

Sitting in my perinatal psychologists office, where we engaged in play therapy the three of us. My son, the psychologist and I. After just getting out of a mother baby unit, this is where they sent me so I could “connect” with my child.   Her blue eyes darting from me and my son with … [Read more…]

To our husbands

Last night  I received a phone call from my neighbour. We first met when we were walking around the park in front of our house. She had big blue eyes and a nice smile, and was so friendly. Since then I have been lucky enough to call her a friend. I remember once I was … [Read more…]