Love ❤️

I wrote a blog earlier in a week about husbands being c*nts  (Don’t know why I censored it). My husband got a bit mad at me… Okay he got a lot mad, and I guess rightfully so.  Although for me it was tongue in cheek and my friend and I were just having a little … [Read more…]

After everything I’ve been through, I deserve it and so do you.

I have struggled. Lord knows I have struggled because I have written about it in nearly every blog. I have struggled much like others but I don’t want to struggle anymore. I have forgotten so many times to enjoy these moments. To take it all in. At this moment, that is all I wanted to do, I wanted to hug my little girl. I hugged her and I cried.

My Husband, I’ll C U Next Tuesday

I am one of those people who gush about how perfect their husband is. How he is a great dad… And all those mushy feelings *gag* But don’t be fooled. Sometimes my husband is a toddler. Sometimes he drives me crazy and I want to put a fork in his eye. SOMETIMES – babe if … [Read more…]

Catastrophising mumma

Sometimes after a feed, I lie in bed at night, around 4am and thoughts start to trickle through my head. I cannot exactly control them, even though I try not to think about it. I call them my little gifts from anxiety, keeping me in check to make sure I am still on my toes. … [Read more…]

Formula has kept me breastfeeding 

Fed is best. I know that saying makes a few people angry and their eyes twitch, but it is. Now I’m not saying to feed your baby condensed milk or bread dipped in water, but sometimes when I tell people that I mix feed occasionally, that’s how they’ll look at me. Not all. Some people … [Read more…]

Good enough 

When I was a kid, I never had any “real” friends. I changed schools three times and just adapted to making friends randomly. I liked everyone, the nerds, the cool people, the stinky people (I think I was one of them), and the sports fanatics. I never fit into any category completely, besides stinking it … [Read more…]

Shitty mums

Sometimes I read posts from sanctimummy’s (sanctimonious mums – I didn’t think of the phrase) about how perfect their crutch fruit are because they’re not shitty mums like the rest of us. A particular post that struck my interest was “fed is best”… I took that as a nod to mummas who ever felt guilty … [Read more…]

Self care 

Sometimes I get asked why I always write about Luca and not always Sofia. Usually I say, well Sofia is a good sleeper, nothing to report. And she is.. But lately she’s been doing this thing where she wakes every two hours, some type of sleep regression, maybe the room is too hot, I don’t … [Read more…]

4am rant 

I love my children. I would give my heart to them to make sure theirs beat forever. There is no doubt about it.  But sometimes I want the permission to just sigh heavily and say, fuck this. Let’s look at like this, it’s 4:00am and I’m writing this. Having been up for two hours trying … [Read more…]

Medication made me a better mum

Medication has made me a better mother. I’m no longer ashamed to say that. Getting help made me stronger and not feeling like I wanted to jump off a cliff.  Please don’t read any further if you’re overly sensitive or judgemental, because you won’t like what I have to say.  The hardest thing about writing … [Read more…]