Hello there, gorgeous.

The seconds turn into minutes, the minutes turn in hours and the hours turn into a lifetime. A life of where you give yourself relentlessly; with love to the human lives you created from inside of you. The ones that heard your heart beating before they even met you.

Where did I go? 

Sitting in my perinatal psychologists office, where we engaged in play therapy the three of us. My son, the psychologist and I. After just getting out of a mother baby unit, this is where they sent me so I could “connect” with my child.   Her blue eyes darting from me and my son with … [Read more…]

To our husbands

Last night  I received a phone call from my neighbour. We first met when we were walking around the park in front of our house. She had big blue eyes and a nice smile, and was so friendly. Since then I have been lucky enough to call her a friend. I remember once I was … [Read more…]

Accident but not a Mistake

I remember once I just said “Yeah it was unplanned”, and was shot with such a negative look. “Well make sure you don’t tell the baby that…” “What a horrible thing to say”

How to Sleep Train your Dragon… I mean Baby

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen… I went there. I said the two most dirtiest words in parenting history. Sleep Train. Makes me shudder. I am going to share the tips with you that I have learned thanks to my tiny terrorists and their sleep deprivation techniques.  That have worked for months, but stopped when the … [Read more…]

How to ask for help when your cup is empty. 

I asked my husband today, when was the moment he realised I had postnatal depression and anxiety, he responded with  “I think I started to realise when I saw your enhanced maternal child Health nurse starting to come around more often (my beautiful angel ‘Pollie’),  but it really sunk in when I saw you go … [Read more…]

3 hours of fun with my toddler 

Today I took Luca to the doctors. He has been coughing for about a month. He’s been in good spirits but a month is a long time for a cough. I know I’ll be greeted as a hypochondriac but better safe than sorry.  My husband suggested for us to go  to the doctors and then … [Read more…]

Don’t worry, be happy 

After being depressed for so long, and finally admitting it, (more like exploding it out of my mouth), I found myself wondering why I couldn’t be happy.  My friend asked me “why are you unhappy? you have two beautiful kids, and a loving husband”. I do. I should be thankful for it all.  I couldn’t … [Read more…]

Yes…You can still have PND and love your children. 

I used to be greeted with  frowns and “oh” when I would tell people I have postnatal depression, I knew what they were thinking…and some of them would actually say it.. “Did you hurt your children?” Actually no. I didn’t. I don’t. My parenting style is gentle and I don’t even smack my kids. In … [Read more…]