Dear diary,Ā 

I went to try on a dress over the weekend for an event. I gathered as many dresses as I could so I wouldn’t have that disappointing feeling of walking away with nothing that results in me feeling shit with myself. I got the biggest sizes I could so it would feel nicer to go … [Read more…]

It’s okay to be a bad mother

Not all of us are natural mothers.  There are some of us who find it exhausting, overwhelming, boring, hard, hating it…wonder if we have made a mistake… We won’t say it out loud because we don’t want to be judged or seem like we love our children any less than we do.  For me, it … [Read more…]

Mummy needs ProzacĀ 

If I told you I was having a bad day, and Option A (left) was how I was coping. You’d applaud me. It would be funny, it would be considered normal. “Mummy needs wine”… they make memes about it. I am encouraged. Never mind I use it to cope, never mind that I felt sad … [Read more…]

Going out with kidsĀ 

I was brave enough to venture out to meet a friend and her husband at a rib and burger place last week.  I don’t like to go anywhere as a single parent where there is food and people with my children, because it usually leads to an anxiety disaster.  Rest assured folks, this afternoon delivered.  … [Read more…]

Death by smellĀ 

It was that time of the day, the sun was showing its face where it wasn’t early morning anymore. The aroma begin to fill my nostrils of a stench I had known before. The stench of fear and death.  I knew what I had to do, and so did he. I wiped the sweat from … [Read more…]

Temper tantrumsĀ 

Last night I went to exchange something from Kmart. (The most magical place in the world)  It was a blissful experience because I was kid free, which meant I could look at every little thing in detail. There’s no place I’d rather be doing that than Kmart. Anyway. Maybe I’m a little crazy these days … [Read more…]

Like never beforeĀ 

Before I became a parent, I thought I was a perfect one. I thought motherhood would be a walk in the park. I had planned my ways of doing things; routine, sleep, how I would feed. I couldn’t understand why people would need a break. I was told I would eat my words, that I … [Read more…]