It’s okay to be a bad mother

Not all of us are natural mothers.  There are some of us who find it exhausting, overwhelming, boring, hard, hating it…wonder if we have made a mistake… We won’t say it out loud because we don’t want to be judged or seem like we love our children any less than we do.  For me, it … [Read more…]

Mummy needs ProzacĀ 

If I told you I was having a bad day, and Option A (left) was how I was coping. You’d applaud me. It would be funny, it would be considered normal. “Mummy needs wine”… they make memes about it. I am encouraged. Never mind I use it to cope, never mind that I felt sad … [Read more…]

Going out with kidsĀ 

I was brave enough to venture out to meet a friend and her husband at a rib and burger place last week.  I don’t like to go anywhere as a single parent where there is food and people with my children, because it usually leads to an anxiety disaster.  Rest assured folks, this afternoon delivered.  … [Read more…]

Death by smellĀ 

It was that time of the day, the sun was showing its face where it wasn’t early morning anymore. The aroma begin to fill my nostrils of a stench I had known before. The stench of fear and death.  I knew what I had to do, and so did he. I wiped the sweat from … [Read more…]

Temper tantrumsĀ 

Last night I went to exchange something from Kmart. (The most magical place in the world)  It was a blissful experience because I was kid free, which meant I could look at every little thing in detail. There’s no place I’d rather be doing that than Kmart. Anyway. Maybe I’m a little crazy these days … [Read more…]

Like never beforeĀ 

Before I became a parent, I thought I was a perfect one. I thought motherhood would be a walk in the park. I had planned my ways of doing things; routine, sleep, how I would feed. I couldn’t understand why people would need a break. I was told I would eat my words, that I … [Read more…]

A letter to our younger selves. Ā 

A letter to my teenage self. Yesssss here’s another cliche letter that yet another blogger has written, but seriously, if I could have a conversation with my 16 year old, or 14 year old self, this is how it would go, Dear Younger Me,  First things first… Stop over plucking your eyebrows. It’s one of … [Read more…]