About Me

Hi everyone,


Welcome to my online Journal. This is where I write whatever blurts into my head. This is my reality. I write from my heart. I speak my truth.

Yeah, I know… there are plenty of Mother Bloggers out there, and I want you to know, I am probably no different.

We may feel we are alone in this little world, but we are not. So I guess that’s why I chose to blog, so if I could help one mother who has big suitcases underneath her eyes, who feels like a failure, who’s only solace is hiding in the toilet for a damn 5 FRICKEN minutes of peace, then my friends, I have served my purpose in this world.

But I ain’t restrictin’ my love to only Mothers. Ohhhhh NO….

Because before I had children, I wasn’t a mother! Crazy, crazy, I know.

I have also suffered from depression and anxiety for, well… for forever. I say suffer, but sometimes it ain’t so bad, and you’ll see I’ll write about it quite a lot.

We are a unique bunch, us mental illness clans… we are a f*ckload of fun too!

I swear a lot, I speak my mind, If this offends you… then maybe I am not the best Mama blogger to follow.

However, I’ll try to make you laugh, i’ll NOT try to make you cry. (But you might)

But I will above allĀ  be honest.

This is more than a hobby, this is me motivating as many people as I can try to.

This is my reality, in words.