About Me

Hello friends!
I am not going to write about myself in third person, because I find that odd.. 

“Laura is a an excellent wordsmith who prides herself in revealing intimate details of her life”… nawwww…it’s not me.

I am Laura. I’m a mum! I have two kids, who I love…I love to write. 

I write about our intimate details. I do that because there was one time in my parenting life that I hit rock bottom. I had postnatal depression, and to be honest I still have a touch of the anxiety that comes with it. Actually I’ve always had it but there’s something about becoming a parent that makes you realise how much you needed love and how you can’t push those feelings to the side. But I started writing because I remember reading this blog, only a few hours before feeling like I wanted to end my life, but I felt after reading that, that hey, I’m not alone, I can do this, I’m not a bad mother based on my childhood or that I’m not the perfect mum, I can do this. I can get help and I can have love. That’s how that blog made me feel. So powerful! So now I want to do the same thing. 

I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for coming to my site. I’m very very human so if you ever want to chat or write to me, I do respond and I’m always happy to meet other mums and other bloggers! 


I am also a proud PANDAcommunity champion! If you ever feel like I did, they are always there to help